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HZABs want their neighbors to be well informed about historic preservation and the guidance the board follows to protect our historic structures. This page will take you to other websites and documents that you may find informative.

Armory Park

Cloud Drive – Most documents the board uses to conduct a historic review can be found on the board’s Google Drive.  On your first visit, start by reading the WELCOME document. This link will take you there.
(Updated 02/21/2018)

Contacting the Board – If you have an opinion regarding how the historic guidelines apply to a project or any other subject, you can email the board at

My Project – If you are considering a project in Armory Park, you can find help on this site:  (Updated 02/21/2018)

Links for other HZABs will be added as each decides to participate.

Other Links


(Page updated 03/24/2018)